Lelo Engineering Consultant Unip. Lda is an Architectural and Civil Engineering Consultant. The Consultant was established on April 01, 2004 in Dili by East Timor Civil Engineers and Architects, who have strong commitment in Engineering area.

The main goals of this establishment are to provide consultancy services in whole areas of Architectural and Civil Engineering needs.

Most of company staffs have been involved in Government Organization projects in role of Engineering Design and Construction Supervision. Some of company staff have gained their experiences by involving in the construction company to provide Engineering Consultant for the Infrastructures Projects such as Building construction & Reconstruction, Water supply, and Sanitation systems, Electrical and Air conditioner, Roads and Bridges design, and Construction, Repairing Works, Irrigations Systems.



The objective of Lelo Engineering Consultant is to put a strong emphasis on developing and employing- unemployed East Timorese with the best skill levels for task at hand. Consequently, a large proportion of the staff in the first five categories as bellow tertiary qualification. While there is a strong emphasis on Lelo Engineering Consultant staff with qualified technicians degrees, the company has good reputation in design and consultancy services in  roads and Bridges and Flood Control, building, construction/reconstruction, water supply and Sanitation Systems, Electrical and Air Conditioner Installation, Irrigation Systems and Engineering consultant.


Sufficient to ensure that the financial demands of the task are comfortable accommodated.

the company currently employees 15 staffs:

Managing DirectorEng. Ladislau M. das Dores de Jesus, MM
Admin & FinanceAmelia Setyorini, SE
ArchitecturalArq. Pedro P. Tilman
Mechanical & PlumbingEng. Ladislau M. das Dores de Jesus, MM
ElectricalAlexandre de Jesus, ST
SurveyingAurito Ferreira dos Reis, ST
GeotechnicalMoises S.R.P. Tilman, ST
Public RelationCelestino Soares, L.Inf
Civil EngineeringErasmos E. Miranda, ST
Lab. & Quality ControlMoises Tilman, ST
Office ManagerAlarico Moniz, SE
Finance AssistantBrisilda C. Goncalves, SE
CAD OperatorLucio Tavares Pereira
LogisticJaime G. dos Santos
Support StaffAfonso Lopes


the Company is currently having the following works facilities to support the activities to satisfy the clients.

Survey Equipment1 unit
PC Desktop1 unit
Laptops8 units
All in one Printer1 unit
Laboratory Equipment (Soil Boring Test)1 set
In order to ensure the quality of the works the Company is work-closely with the Public Works Laboratory in term of utilization of Testing Equipment and Soil Investigation
Mr. Ladislau de Jesus

Mr. Ladislau de Jesus

Managing Director
Ms. Amelia de Jesus

Ms. Amelia de Jesus

Managing Admin & Finance Manager
Mr. Alarico Moniz

Mr. Alarico Moniz

Office Manager
Mr. Pedro Tilman

Mr. Pedro Tilman

Site Engineer
Mr. Lucio Pereira

Mr. Lucio Pereira

Site Supervisor
Mr. Zaime dos Santos

Mr. Zaime dos Santos

Logistic Officer
Mr. Afonso Lopes

Mr. Afonso Lopes

Support Staff (quitted)
Ms. Brisilda Goncalves

Ms. Brisilda Goncalves

Finance Officer


ICT & Admin Support


The Company is distinguished from many others by being a design, a construction/ reconstruction, an engineering consultant, and a project  program management organization. Its managers are therefore fully and faith with evaluating designing, specifying, procuring, constructing, installing, commissioning and operating build infrastructure. As well, they have direct responsibility for training, skill development, and skill transfer and labor management.


Typical of modern East Timor society the LELO   ENGINEERING CONSULTANT work force comprises people of the diverse ethnic background giving in the benefit of multi- lingual staff and the inclusion of a wide range of cultures.

Many of LELO ENGINEERING CONSULTANT staff have worked in East Timor even in Indonesia during the Indonesian Government established for 24 years as employers of Public Works / Infrastructure department and some of them as a Lecturer of a University. In addition, after September 1999 most of LELO Consulting staff has also been working for several International NGOs in East Timor.


LELO ENGINEERING CONSULTANT Company operates through nine divisions, managing by a Chief of Division. The nine Divisions are utilities the program Management, Procurement and Finance, These Divisions as follows:

–   Civil Engineering Division

–   Architectural Division

–   Mechanical and Plumbing Division

–   Electrical Division

–   Surveying Division

–   Administration and Finance Division

–   Geotechnical Division

–   Public Relations Division

–   Laboratory and Quality Control Division

A detailed chart of the Utilities the program management division, is that, in each project required a preliminary assessment of the needs and suggests that suitable resources shall be found largely in LELO ENGINEERING CONSULTANT Company, utilities the program management division, but other could be drawn from other division if needed.

The Company has good co-operation with the employer, with the community and with the authorities governing the area.

For ultimate recipients of the aid, for the values of the community, and for the Institutions affecting the task and this is a company’s strength.

to successfully integrate the whole package and to complete the task within an agreed budget and time frame determined.

To deliver an out comes suited to the need.

To ensure that the responsible staffs are developed to suit the changing task needs, and to ensure that competent staff are retained.

To initially an unemployed East Timorese involvement to the maximum practicable level, to improve their skills, and to advance them into responsible position in the task team.

To progressively increase the level of East Timorese involvement.


LELO ENGINEERING CONSULTANT Company could provide consultancy services in the fields of Engineering design and supervision, project management, program management Logistic management, and contracting.

Managing a project completely including full control of budgets and finances, adjusting the scope of the program to satisfied changing needs, while retaining budget parameters.

Accounting to the employer through accurate and comprehensive reports.

Managing the delivery of certain elements, usually technical of a program of works to agreed time cost, and quality parameters.

Controlling and supervising the timely and safe delivery of materials to particular destinations.

LELO ENGINEERING CONSULTANT Company is a Consultant Company and enable to undertaken the following task and responsibilities:

Contract with the contractor on behalf of client

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Control


Pre-estimating the cost of project, applying sound economic principles to decision making, and recommending preferred options.

Setting in advance budgets for project and monitoring, as well as managing cost outcomes.


Specifying tendering, tender evaluation, tender recommendation and award, contract administration, quality assurance, and delivery management of project and materials from overseas sources.

Creating a new system or modifying well-established existing systems and providing personnel to administer project or program of work.


Setting up quality systems to International standards to suit a particular project.

Auditing established against International quality standards.


LELO ENGINEERING CONSULTANT is a diversified National Company with a considerable depth of financial resources.

Its major strengths are its good management progress, and the way it values the human dimension in delivering its projects.

It is an eager to do with mutually beneficial business with Government in General Civil Construction/Reconstruction, Water Supply, and Sanitation Systems, Irrigation

System, Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance, Bridge and Flood Control, Landscaping. Urban and Rural Developer and Real Estates Water supply and sanitation, and Electrical and Air conditioner Installation Projects, and believes it has the capabilities to do this well.

Provide Engineering Consultant and Project Management in General Civil Construction/Reconstruction, Water Supply and Sanitation Systems, Irrigation System, Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance, Bridge and Flood Control, Engineering Consultant, Landscaping, Urban and Rural Developer and Real Estates, Plumbing, Mechanics, and Electrical & Air Conditioner Installation.